• Fractal analyses reveal independent complexity and predictability of gaitPeer reviewedOpen access 

      28 novembre 2017, Dierick, Frédéric; Nivard, Anne-Laure; White, Olivier; Buisseret, Fabien, HE Louvain en Hainaut
      Livre/Ouvrage ou monographie
      Locomotion is a natural task that has been assessed for decades and used as a proxy to highlight impairments of various origins. So far, most studies adopted classical linear analy- ses of spatio-temporal gait parameters. Here, we use more advanced, yet not less practical, non-linear techniques to analyse gait time series of healthy subjects. We aimed at finding more sensitive indexes related to ...
    • Digital natives and dual task: Handling it but not immune against cognitive-locomotor interferencesPeer reviewedOpen access 

      19 mai 2020, Dierick, Frédéric; Buisseret, Fabien; Renson, Mathieu; Luta, Adele Mae, HE Louvain en HainautCERISIC
      Article scientifique
      Digital natives developed in an electronic dual tasking world. This paper addresses two questions. Do digital natives respond differently under a cognitive load realized during a locomotor task in a dual-tasking paradigm and how does this address the concept of safety? We investigate the interplay between cognitive (talking and solving Raven’s matrices) and locomotor (walking on a treadmill) tasks ...