• Valorization of sugar beet pulp to value-added products: A reviewPeer reviewedClosed access 

    février 2022, Usmani, Zeba; Sharma, Minaxi; Diwan, Deepti; Tripathi, Manikant; Whale, Eric; Jayakody, Lahiru N.; Moreau, Benoît; Thakur, Vijay Kumar; Tuohy, Maria; Gupta, Vijay Kumar, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    The processing of sugar beet in the sugar production industry releases huge amounts of sugar beet pulp as waste which can be considered a valuable by-product as a source of cellulose, hemicellulose, and pectin. Valorization of sugar beet pulp into value added products occurs through acid hydrolysis, hydrothermal techniques, and enzymatic hydrolysis. Biochemical conversion of beet pulp into simple ...
  • Bigraphisme et difficultés d’écriture : étude de l’influence du bilinguisme-bigraphisme arabe-français dans une école du nord de la FranceOpen access 

    2021, Waquet, Marie, HE Condorcet
    Dans une ville cosmopolite et multiculturelle du nord de la France, une partie de la population est capable d’écrire en arabe, pour des raisons socioculturelles. Un double apprentissage est alors présent chez les enfants, qui écrivent dans deux systèmes graphiques (arabe et latin). Les différences présentes entre ces deux alphabets pourraient entraîner des interférences dans les productions écrites ...
  • Un rectangle nommé d'argent (3) : Autour du cubePeer reviewedClosed access 

    01 décembre 2021, Ninove, Laure, HE Léonard de Vinci
    Article scientifique
    Nous utilisons quotidiennement des feuilles rectangulaires de format A, notamment le A4. Ces rectangles, appelés rectangles d’argent par les origamistes, ont la propriété d’être semblables aux rectangles obtenus par découpage selon leur courte médiane. Dans cet article, nous explorons des liens entre le rectangle d'argent et le cube, ainsi que d'autres polyèdres associés, comme le dodécaèdre rhombique. ...
  • Motor strategies and adiabatic invariants: The case of rhythmic motion in parabolic flightsPeer reviewedOpen access 

    05 août 2021, White, Olivier; Dierick, Frédéric; Dehouck, Victor; Buisseret, Fabien; Boulanger, Nicolas, CeREF Technique
    Article scientifique
    The role of gravity in human motor control is at the same time obvious and difficult to isolate. It can be assessed by performing experiments in variable gravity. We propose that adiabatic invariant theory may be used to reveal nearly conserved quantities in human voluntary rhythmic motion, an individual being seen as a complex time-dependent dynamical system with bounded motion in phase space. ...
  • Telerehabilitation of musculoskeletal diseases: Who wants it?Open access 

    16 octobre 2021, Buisseret, Fabien; Dierick, Frédéric; Profeta, Loredana; Pierre, Amélie; Telliez, Frédéric, CeREF Technique
    Présentation donnée au congrès NOMADe-SOFMER (Lille, 16/10/21)
  • Perceived Usefulness of Telerehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Belgium–France Pilot Study during Second Wave of COVID-19 PandemicPeer reviewedOpen access 

    22 novembre 2021, Dierick, Frédéric; Pierre, Amélie; Profeta, Loredana; Telliez, Frédéric; Buisseret, Fabien, CeREF Technique
    Article scientifique
    Background: COVID-19 has affected the practice of physiotherapy, and telerehabilitation (TR) may be seen as an alternative model of care if it is accepted by patients and physiotherapists. This study investigates the perceived usefulness of TR and the intention to use it among physiotherapists and patients from Belgium and France concerned with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) during the pandemic ...
  • A First-Quantized Model for Unparticles and Gauge Theories around Conformal WindowPeer reviewedOpen access 

    02 décembre 2021, Lhost, Guillaume; Buisseret, Fabien; Boulanger, Nicolas, CeREF Technique
    Article scientifique
    We first quantize an action proposed by Casalbuoni and Gomis in 2014 that describes two massless relativistic scalar particles interacting via a conformally invariant potential. The spectrum is a continuum of massive states that may be interpreted as unparticles. We then obtain in a similar way the mass operator for a deformed action in which two terms are introduced that break the conformal symmetry: ...
  • Capteur, ce movement est-il déconseillé ?Open access 

    27 octobre 2021, Buisseret, Fabien; Dierick, Frédéric, CeREF Technique
    Comme tous les systèmes dynamiques, l’Homme est soumis aux lois de la mécanique. Il n’est toutefois pas réductible à une machine comme les autres : il est biologique, psychologique et social ! La douleur, définie comme une expérience sensorielle et émotionnelle désagréable associée à une lésion tissulaire réelle ou non, est une composante de nature complexe. Elle se manifeste notamment dans les ...
  • Valorization of dairy waste and by-products through microbial bioprocessesPeer reviewedClosed access 

    28 novembre 2021, Usmani, Zeba; Sharma, Minaxi; Gaffey, James; Sharma, Monika; Dewhurst, Richard J.; Moreau, Benoît; Newbold, John; Clark, William; Thakur, Vijay Kumar; Gupta, Vijay Kumar, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Waste is an inherent and unavoidable part of any process which can be attributed to various factors such as process inefficiencies, usability of resources and discarding of not so useful parts of the feedstock. Dairy is a burgeoning industry following the global population growth, resulting in generation of waste such as wastewater (from cleaning, processing, and maintenance), whey and sludge. These ...
  • Development and application of a quantitative real-time PCR assay for rapid detection of the multifaceted yeast Kazachstania servazzii in food.Peer reviewedClosed access 

    avril 2017, Spanoghe, Martin; Godoy Jara, Mario; Rivière, John; Lanterbecq, Déborah; Gadenne, Martine; Marique, Thierry, CARAH
    Article scientifique
    The beneficial contributions of Kazachstania servazzii are well-established in various food processes. This yeast also contributes in the spoilage of finished packaged food due to abundant gas production. In particular, an occurrence of K. servazzii was recently positively correlated with the formation of severe package swelling of some prepared fresh pizzas. To circumscribe this concern, a quantitative ...
  • Effects of Chemopreventive Natural Compounds on the Accuracy of 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2′-deoxyguanosine Translesion SynthesisPeer reviewedClosed access 

    08 juillet 2021, Nachtergael, Amandine; Lanterbecqd, Déborah; Spanoghe, Martin; Belayew, Alexandra; Duez, Pierre, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Translesion synthesis is a DNA damage tolerance mechanism that relies on a series of specialized DNA polymerases able to bypass a lesion on a DNA template strand during replication or post-repair synthesis. Specialized translesion synthesis DNA polymerases pursue replication by inserting a base opposite to this lesion, correctly or incorrectly depending on the lesion nature, involved DNA polymerase(s), ...
  • Industrial-scale Malting Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Seed Disinfection by Fog of Ozonated Water ApplicationPeer reviewedClosed access 

    05 novembre 2015, Spanoghe, Martin; Allard, Olivier; Delvoye, Sébastien; Marique, Thierry; Van Koninckxloo, Michel, HE CondorcetCARAH
    Article scientifique
    The aim of this study was to underscore that seed treatment by the fog of ozonated water constitutes a promising alternative tool, in terms of health and environmental gains, regarding traditional ozone treatment. In order to obtain a clear vision of this performance, the technology was implemented on an industrial scale (malting industry). Under an exposition of barley seeds to 9.8 ppm of dissolved ...
  • Investigation and development of potato parentage analysis methods using multiplexed SSR fingerprintingPeer reviewedClosed access 

    25 décembre 2014, Spanoghe, Martin; Marique, Thierry; Rivière, John; Lanterbecq, Déborah; Gadenne, Martine, HE CondorcetCARAH
    Article scientifique
    Parentage assessment in the potato (Solanum tuberosum L.), based on a reliable characterization of DNA varieties, can be a useful tool in validating pedigree information as well as for assigning potential parents to orphan varieties. The approach suggested in this study was to use the genetic profiles obtained on 577 cultivars using a set of 17 polymorphic simple sequence repeats (SSR) markers in ...
  • Measurement of translesion synthesis by fluorescent capillary electrophoresis : 7,8-Dihydro-8-oxodeoxyguanosine bypass modulation by natural productsPeer reviewedClosed access 

    24 mai 2013, Nachtergael, Amandine; Charles, Catherine; Spanoghe, Martin; Gadenne, Martine; Belayew, Alexandra; Duez, Pierre, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Translesion synthesis (TLS) relies on a series of specialized DNA polymerases able to insert a base either correctly or incorrectly opposite a lesion on a DNA template strand during replication or post-repair synthesis. To measure the correct or mutagenic outcome of 7,8-dihydro-8-oxodeoxyguanosine (8-oxodG) bypass by TLS DNA polymerases, a capillary electrophoresis (CE) method with fluorescent label ...
  • Use of self-organizing map to analyze images of fungi colonies grown from Triticum aestivum seeds disinfected by ozone treatmentPeer reviewedOpen access 

    16 octobre 2012, Marique, Thierry; Allard, Olivier; Spanoghe, Martin, HE CondorcetCARAH
    Article scientifique
    We submitted to ozone treatment Triticum aestivum (common wheat) seeds severely contaminated by fungi. Fungi colonies developed when seeds were placed over malt agar medium in Petri dishes; Fusarium sp. and Alternaria sp. were identified. However, conventional colonies counting did not allow a clear assessment of the effect of ozone disinfection. We thus used self-organizing maps (SOMs) to perform ...
  • Regard éthique sur le récit de viePeer reviewedClosed access 

    2013, Bert, Catherine, HE Léonard de Vinci
    Article scientifique
    Les écritures du moi constituent sans doute un trait caractéristique spécifique des sociétés post-modernes. Elles s’inscrivent dans le sillon des initiatives qui soutiennent les différences individuelles. Les lieux de parole et d’audition publiques se multiplient, offrant une visibilité sociale aux effets tantôt enrichissants tantôt destructeurs.
  • Morphological variability within the indigenous sheep population of BeninPeer reviewedOpen access 

    19 octobre 2021, Whannou, Habib Rainier Vihotogbe; Afatondji, Cossi Ulriche; Ahozonlin, Maurice Cossi; Spanoghe, Martin; Lanterbecq, Déborah; Demblon, Dominique; Houinato, Marcel Romuald Benjamin; Dossa, Luc Hippolyte, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Knowledge of both the genetic diversity and geographical distribution of animal genetic resources is a prerequisite for their sustainable utilization, improvement and conservation. The present study was undertaken to explore the current morphological variability within the sheep population in Benin as a prelude for their molecular characterization. From November 2018 to February 2020, 25 quantitative ...
  • Ontmoeding met de moedervouw, een elegant origamiprobleem van Kazuo HagaPeer reviewedClosed access 

    mars 2014, Ninove, Laure, HE Léonard de Vinci
    Article scientifique
    In dit artikel bespreken we een activiteit van Kazuo Hago, waarin een vierkant blad papier op een bepaalde manier wordt gevouwen. De resultaten zijn verrassend. Bij het verklaren van deze vaststellingen duiken heel wat begrippen uit de vlakke meetkunde op: bissectrices in een driehoek, in- en omgeschreven cirkels, verwisselende binnenhoeken.
  • Constructions à reboursPeer reviewedClosed access 

    juin 2014, Berlanger, Isabelle; Gilbert, Thérèse; Havaux, Mélanie; Ninove, Laure; Sartiaux, Pierre; Sebille, Michel, HE Léonard de Vinci
    Article scientifique
    "Étant donné un triangle, construisez ses médiatrices." Et si on prenait le problème à l’envers : savez-vous construire un triangle dont les trois médiatrices sont données ? Dans cet article, nous explorons ce genre de problèmes de "constructions à rebours", d’apparence simple mais pas forcément élémentaires, et réfléchissons à ce qu’ils peuvent apporter dans les cours de géométrie. Nous nous ...
  • Polygones emboités, rosaces et puzzlesPeer reviewedClosed access 

    septembre 2021, Ninove, Laure; Van Schaftingen, Paul, HE Léonard de Vinci
    Article scientifique
    Cet article prend son origine dans une résolution originale par un enfant d'un problème de rapport d'aires de polygones réguliers emboités. Loin de la procédure experte basée sur un calcul trigonométrique, sa résolution, basée sur une décomposition en puzzle, n'utilise que des propriétés géométriques de base. Cette résolution se généralise à des polygones réguliers de tous ordres, amenant à la ...

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