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  • Opinion sur l’efficacité de la prise en charge en kinésithérapie des troubles neuro-musculo- squelettiques par téléréadaptationOpen access 

    18 avril 2020, Dierick, Frederic; Buisseret, Fabien; Brismée, Jean-Michel; Fourré, Antoine; Hage, Renault; Leteneur, Sébastien; Monteyne, Laura; Thevenon, André; Thiry, Paul; Van der Perre, Liesbet; Roussel, Nathalie, HE Louvain en Hainaut
    Article scientifique
    En cette période de confinement liée au coronavirus 2 du syndrome respiratoire aigu sévère (SRAS-CoV-2), l’objectif de cet article est de formuler une opinion sur l'efficacité de la prise en charge kinésithérapique des troubles neuro-musculo-squelettiques (TNMS) par téléréadaptation (TR) ainsi que des guidelines pour les kinésithérapeutes. L’efficacité de la prise en charge en kinésithérapie par TR ...
  • Timed Up and Go and Six-Minute Walking Tests with Wearable Inertial Sensor: One Step Further for the Prediction of the Risk of Fall in Elderly Nursing Home PeoplePeer reviewedOpen access 

    05 juin 2020, Buisseret, Fabien; Catinus, Louis; Grenard, Remi; Jojczyk, Laurent; Fievez, Dylan; Barvaux, Vincent; Dierick, Frederic, CeREF Technique
    Article scientifique
    Assessing the risk of fall in elderly people is a difficult challenge for clinicians. Since falls represent one of the first causes of death in such people, numerous clinical tests have been created and validated over the past 30 years to ascertain the risk of falls. More recently, the developments of low-cost motion capture sensors have facilitated observations of gait differences between fallers ...
  • Higher-derivative harmonic oscillators: stability of classical dynamics and adiabatic invariantsPeer reviewedOpen access 

    06 janvier 2019, Boulanger, Nicolas; Buisseret, Fabien; Dierick, Frédéric; White, Olivier, CERISIC
    Article scientifique
    he status of classical stability in higher-deriv- ative systems is still subject to discussions. In this note, we argue that, contrary to general belief, many higher-derivative systems are classically stable. The main tool to see this prop- erty are Nekhoroshev’s estimates relying on the action-angle formulation of classical mechanics. The latter formulation can be reached provided the Hamiltonian ...
  • Fractal analyses reveal independent complexity and predictability of gaitPeer reviewedOpen access 

    28 novembre 2017, Dierick, Frédéric; Nivard, Anne-Laure; White, Olivier; Buisseret, Fabien, HE Louvain en Hainaut
    Livre/Ouvrage ou monographie
    Locomotion is a natural task that has been assessed for decades and used as a proxy to highlight impairments of various origins. So far, most studies adopted classical linear analy- ses of spatio-temporal gait parameters. Here, we use more advanced, yet not less practical, non-linear techniques to analyse gait time series of healthy subjects. We aimed at finding more sensitive indexes related to ...
  • Digital natives and dual task: Handling it but not immune against cognitive-locomotor interferencesPeer reviewedOpen access 

    19 mai 2020, Dierick, Frédéric; Buisseret, Fabien; Renson, Mathieu; Luta, Adele Mae, HE Louvain en HainautCERISIC
    Article scientifique
    Digital natives developed in an electronic dual tasking world. This paper addresses two questions. Do digital natives respond differently under a cognitive load realized during a locomotor task in a dual-tasking paradigm and how does this address the concept of safety? We investigate the interplay between cognitive (talking and solving Raven’s matrices) and locomotor (walking on a treadmill) tasks ...
  • Anyons in quantum mechanics with a minimal lengthPeer reviewedOpen access 

    15 février 2017, Buisseret, Fabien, HE Louvain en Hainaut
    Article scientifique
    The existence of anyons, i.e. quantum states with an arbitrary spin, is a generic feature of standard quantum mechanics in (2+1)-dimensional Minkowski spacetime. Here it is shown that relativistic anyons may exist also in quantum theories where a minimal length is present. The interplay between minimal length and arbitrary spin effects are discussed.
  • DYSKIMOT: An Ultra-Low-Cost Inertial Sensor to Assess Head’s Rotational Kinematics in Adults during the Didren-Laser TestPeer reviewedOpen access 

    04 février 2020, Hage, Renaud; Detrembleur, Christine; Dierick, Frédéric; Pitance, Laurent; Jojczyk, Laurent; Estievenart, Wesley; Buisseret, Fabien, CERISIC
    Article scientifique
    Various noninvasive measurement devices can be used to assess cervical motion. The size, complexity, and cost of gold-standard systems make them not suited to clinical practice, and actually difficult to use outside a dedicated laboratory. Nowadays, ultra-low-cost inertial measurement units are available, but without any packaging or a user-friendly interface. The so-called DYSKIMOT is a home-designed, ...