• Thioredoxins induce oocyte maturation in holothuroids (Echinodermata)Peer reviewedOpen access 

      15 juillet 2019, Leonet, Aline; Delroisse, Jérôme; Schuddinck, Christopher; Wattiez, Ruddy; Jangoux, Michel; Eeckhaut, Igor, HE en Hainaut
      Article scientifique
      Chromatographic fractions of a rough extract of echinoid spawn (REES) is demonstrated to efficiently induce oocyte maturation in aspidochirote holothuroids. The method is so efficient that it is currently used in holothuriculture to obtain fertilised eggs even outside the reproductive period of the aquacultivated species. In the present study, we isolated and identified from echinoid spawns the ...