Soumissions récentes

  • Les freins restrictifs buccaux : état des lieux sur les pratiques diagnostiques et leurs prises en chargeOpen access 

    2022, Daël, Pauline; Pezzulli, Camille, HE Condorcet
    "Afin d’aider les orthophonistes - logopèdes à connaître le rôle qu’ils doivent jouer et aider les familles, nous avons élaboré une revue de littérature sur les freins buccaux restrictifs. Nous avons également échangé avec des professionnels de santé spécialisés dans le domaine des freins restrictifs afin de faire un état des lieux des pratiques d’évaluation et de prises en charge. Ces démarches ...
  • Évaluation et rééducation des troubles de la voix par télépratique : élaboration d'un protocole de prise en charge vocale par télépratiqueOpen access 

    2022, Binet, Anaïs; Guiche, Marion, HE Condorcet
    "Cela fait deux ans que la pandémie Covid-19 s’est immiscée dans notre quotidien. Tout comme un grand nombre d’autres professions, les prises en charge logopédiques ont été considérablement perturbées par les mesures de distanciations sociales imposées. La télépratique, jusque-là peu utilisée dans les pays européens, s’est avérée être une solution efficace pour continuer de mener à bien ces rééducations. ...
  • Presbyphagie et santé orale : élaboration d'un support informatif auprès du personnel soignant du service gériatrique du CHwapiOpen access 

    2022, Celerine, Anaëlle; Chanas, Lucile, HE Condorcet
    "Notre objectif était d’intégrer la sensibilisation en santé orale au sein de la prise en charge de la personne âgée en milieu hospitalier. Dans ce contexte, nous avons conçu un support audiovisuel de sensibilisation pour le personnel soignant du service de gériatrie du CHwapi. Pour cela, nous avons adressé des questionnaires au personnel soignant afin de recueillir l’intérêt, les connaissances et ...
  • Cardiorespiratory responses during running and sport-specific exercises in handball playersPeer reviewedClosed access 

    mai 2009, Buchheit, Martin; Leprêtre, Pierre-Marie; Behaegel, A.L.; Millet, Grégoire P.; Cuvelier, Grégory; Ahmaidi, Said, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    To determine whether a 4-a-side handball (HB) game is an appropriate aerobic stimulus to reach and potentially enhance maximal oxygen uptake (V˙O2max), and whether heart rate (HR) is a valid index of V˙O2 during a handball game. Nine skilled players (21.0 ± 2.9 yr) underwent a graded maximal aerobic test (GT) where V˙O2max and HR−V˙O2 relationship were determined. V˙O2, HR and blood lactate ([La]b) ...
  • Accuracy of Medical Oxygen Flowmeters: A Multicentric Field StudyPeer reviewedOpen access 

    août 2014, Duprez, Frédéric; Barile, Maria; Bonus, Thierry; Cuvelier, Grégory; Ollieuz, Sandra; Mashayekhi, Shahram; Legrand, Alexandre, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    The accuracy of 476 oxygen flowmeters was investigated using a thermal mass flowmeter in eight hospitals in France and Belgium. Different oxygen flow rates (2 to 15 l/min) were evaluated at the patient’s bed. When the sample was considered as a whole, the accuracy of delivered flow was acceptable but precision was poor. The variability of the delivered flow between devices was greater when a low ...
  • Effect of dietary nitrate supplementation on tolerance to supramaximal intensity intermittent exercisePeer reviewedClosed access 

    29 mai 2015, Aucouturier, Julien; Boissière, Julien; Pawlak-Chaouch, Mehdi; Cuvelier, Grégory; Gamelin, François-Xavier, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Dietary nitrate (NO3−) supplementation has been shown to increase exercise tolerance and improve oxidative efficiency during aerobic exercise in healthy subjects. We tested the hypothesis that a 3-day supplementation in beetroot juice (BJ) rich in NO3− would improve the tolerance to supramaximal intensity intermittent exercise consisting of 15-s exercise periods at 170% of the maximal aerobic power ...
  • Effect of dietary nitrate supplementation on metabolic rate during rest and exercise in human: A systematic review and a meta-analysisPeer reviewedClosed access 

    16 janvier 2016, Pawlak-Chaouch, Mehdi; Boissière, Julien; Gamelin, François X.; Cuvelier, Grégory; Berthoin, Serge; Aucouturier, Julien, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Background Recent randomized controlled trials have suggested that dietary nitrate (NO3-), found in beetroot and other vegetables, and inorganic NO3− salts decrease metabolic rate under resting and exercise conditions. Objective Our aim was therefore to determine from a systematic review and meta-analysis whether dietary NO3− supplementation significantly reduces metabolic rate, expressed as ...
  • Bilateral Strength Deficit Is Not Neural in Origin; Rather Due to Dynamometer Mechanical ConfigurationPeer reviewedOpen access 

    18 décembre 2015, Simoneau-Buessinger, Emilie; Leteneur, Sébastien; Toumi, Anis; Dessurne, Alexandra; Gabrielli, François; Barbier, Franck; Jakobi, Jennifer M., HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    During maximal contractions, the sum of forces exerted by homonymous muscles unilaterally is typically higher than the sum of forces exerted by the same muscles bilaterally. However, the underlying mechanism(s) of this phenomenon, which is known as the bilateral strength deficit, remain equivocal. One potential factor that has received minimal attention is the contribution of body adjustments to ...
  • Variability of fractional delivered oxygen (FDO2) with nasal cannulaPeer reviewedOpen access 

    10 janvier 2017, Duprez, Frédéric; Bonus, Thierry; Cuvelier, Grégory; Machayekhi, Sharam; Ollieuz, Sandra; Reychler, Grégory, HE Condorcet
    Acte de conférence ou de colloque
  • EEG dynamics and neural generators of psychological flow during one tightrope performancePeer reviewedOpen access 

    24 juillet 2020, Leroy, Axelle; Cheron, Guy, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Psychological “flow” emerges from a goal requiring action, and a match between skills and challenge. Using high-density electroencephalographic (EEG) recording, we quantified the neural generators characterizing psychological “flow” compared to a mindful “stress” state during a professional tightrope performance. Applying swLORETA based on self-reported mental states revealed the right superior ...
  • EEG-based brain-computer interface for alpha speed control of a small robot using the MUSE headbandPeer reviewedClosed access 

    28 septembre 2020, Simar, Cédric; Petieau, Mathieu; Cebolla, Anita; Leroy, Axelle; Bontempi, Gianluca; Cheron, Guy, HE Condorcet
    Acte de conférence ou de colloque
    Non-invasive BMI applications are increasingly used in different contexts ranging from industrial, clinical and gaming. After having tested the difference between a classical EEG recorder with electroconductive gel (ANT system) and the MUSE EEG headband, we studied the BCI performances of the later during the control of a small robot. We demonstrated that the participants were able to successfully ...
  • Neural generators involved in visual cue processing in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)Peer reviewedClosed access 

    10 novembre 2020, Zarka, David; Leroy, Axelle; Cebolla, Ana Maria; Cevallos, Carlos; Palmero-Soler, Ernesto; Cheron, Guy, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Event-related potentials (ERP) studies report alterations in the ongoing visuo-attentional processes in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We hypothesized that the neural generators progressively recruited after a cue stimulus imply executive-related areas well before engagement in executive processing in children with ADHD compared to typically developed children (TDC)
  • Where should we place the stethoscope's chestpiece to hear the noise of the primary bronchi ?Peer reviewedClosed access 

    10 janvier 2017, Duprez, Frédéric; Dupuis, Bastien; Cuvelier, Grégory; Bonus, Thierry; Ollieuz, Sandra; Machayekhi, Sharam; Reychler, Grégory, HE Condorcet
    Acte de conférence ou de colloque
    "The aim of our study is to evaluate the probability to find the primary bronchi by analysis of chest radiography."
  • Ultrasonographic quantification of architectural response in tibialis anterior to neuromuscular electrical stimulationPeer reviewedClosed access 

    26 juillet 2017, Simoneau-Buessinger, Émilie; Leteneur, Sébastien; Bisman, Alix; Gabrielli, François; Jakobi, Jennifer, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    While muscle contraction in voluntary efforts has been widely investigated, little is known about contraction during neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). The aim of this study was to quantify in vivo muscle architecture of agonist and antagonist muscles at the ankle joint during NMES
  • Accuracy of oxygen flow delivered by compressed-gas cylinders in hospitals and prehospital emergency carePeer reviewedClosed access 

    mars 2018, Duprez, Frédéric; Michotte, Jean-Bernard; Cuvelier, Grégory; Legrand, Alexandre; Mashayekhi, Sharam; Reychler, Grégory, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Oxygen cylinders are widely used both in hospital and prehospital care. Excessive or inappropriate FIO2 may be critical for patients with hypercapnia or hypoxia. Moreover, over-oxygenation could be deleterious in ischemic disorders. Supplemental oxygen from oxygen cylinder should therefore be delivered accurately. The aim of this study was to assess the accuracy of oxygen flows for oxygen cylinder ...
  • Energy expenditure of household activities and cardiorespiratory fitness in women with obesityPeer reviewedClosed access 

    19 septembre 2018, Dereppe, Hubert; Verbeke, M.; Debruxelles, Coralie; Boucq, Elise; Ponzoni, L.; Cuvelier, Grégory, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Patients with obesity experience difficulties in executing household activities. Our purpose was to compare the energy expenditure and exercise intensity of daily household activities and cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) in women with obesity and normal weight women.
  • Plasma asymmetric dimethylarginine concentrations are not related to differences in maximal oxygen uptake in endurance trained and untrained menPeer reviewedClosed access 

    22 novembre 2018, Pawlak-Chaouch, Mehdi; Boissière, Julien; Munyaneza, Désiré; Tagougui, Semah; Gamelin, François-Xavier; Cuvelier, Grégory; Heyman, Elsa; Goossens, Jean-François; Descat, Amandine; Berthoin, Serge; Aucouturier, Julien, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) is an endogenous inhibitor of nitric oxide (NO) synthesis that could limit oxygen (O2) delivery in the working skeletal muscles by altering endothelium‐dependent vasodilatation. Exercise capacity is associated with plasma ADMA concentrations in patients with cardiovascular diseases, but this issue has still not been investigated in healthy subjects. We aimed to ...
  • A new formula for predicting the fraction of delivered oxygen during low-flow oxygen therapyPeer reviewedClosed access 

    décembre 2018, Duprez, Frédéric; Machayekhi, Shahram; Cuvelier, Grégory; Legrand, Alexandre; Reychler, Grégory, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    During O2 therapy at low flow in patients who breathe spontaneously, the fraction of delivered O2 (FDO2) is unknown. In recent years, FDO2 prediction formulas have been proposed. However, they do not take into account the effect of inspiratory flow (V̇I) on the FDO2. The aim of this study was to validate a new FDO2 prediction formula, which takes into account the V̇I and compares it with other FDO2 ...
  • The double trunk mask improves oxygenation during high-flow nasal cannula therapy for acute hypoxemic respiratory failurePeer reviewedClosed access 

    30 avril 2019, Duprez, Frédéric; Bruyneel, Arnaud; Machayekhi, Shahram; Droguet, Marie; Bouckaert, Yves; Brimiouille, Serge; Cuvelier, Grégory; Reychler, Grégory, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    High-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) oxygen therapy is used to deliver an FIO2 from 0.21 to 1.0. The double-trunk mask (DTM) is a device designed to increase the FIO2 in patients with a high inspiratory flow demand. The aim of our study was to evaluate the effect of DTM in hypoxemic subjects already receiving HFNC.
  • Beetroot juice does not enhance supramaximal intermittent exercise performance in elite endurance athletesPeer reviewedClosed access 

    14 mai 2019, Pawlak-Chaouch, Mehdi; Boissière, Julien; Munyaneza, Désiré; Gamelin, François-Xavier; Cuvelier, Grégory; Berthoin, Serge; Aucouturier, Julien, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    The present study aimed to determine whether BR supplementation enhances the tolerance to SIE in elite endurance athletes.

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