Soumissions récentes

  • Gravitating Bubbles of Gluon Plasma above Deconfinement TemperaturePeer reviewedOpen access 

    13 octobre 2020, Brihaye, Yves; Buisseret, Fabien, CeREF Technique
    Article scientifique
    The equation of state of SU(3) Yang–Mills theory can be modelled by an effective Z3− symmetric potential depending on the temperature and on a complex scalar field ϕ . Allowing ϕ to be dynamical opens the way to the study of spatially localized classical configurations of the scalar field. We first show that spherically symmetric static Q-balls exist in the range (1−1.21)×Tc , Tc being the ...
  • The Formulations of Classical Mechanics with Foucault’s PendulumPeer reviewedOpen access 

    01 octobre 2020, Buisseret, Fabien; Boulanger, Nicolas, CERDECAM
    Article scientifique
    Since the pioneering works of Newton (1643–1727), Mechanics has been constantly reinventing itself: reformulated in particular by Lagrange (1736–1813) then Hamilton (1805–1865), it now offers powerful conceptual and mathematical tools for the exploration of dynamical systems, essentially via the action-angle variables formulation and more generally through the theory of canonical transformations. ...
  • Meson spectrum in SU(N) gauge theories with quarks in higher representations: A check of Casimir scaling hypothesisPeer reviewedOpen access 

    01 juin 2020, Buisseret, Fabien; Semay, Claude, CeREF Technique
    Article scientifique
    Gauge theories with gauge group and quarks belonging to arbitrary representations of SU(N) form a rich landscape of QCD-like theories, whose study can shed new light on the properties of confinement. Four cases are particularly worth of interest: quarks in the fundamental representation, quarks in the 2-indice (anti)symmetric representation and quarks in the adjoint representation. The last three ...
  • Higher-derivative harmonic oscillators: stability of classical dynamics and adiabatic invariantsPeer reviewedOpen access 

    06 janvier 2019, Boulanger, Nicolas; Buisseret, Fabien; Dierick, Frédéric; White, Olivier, CERISIC
    Article scientifique
    he status of classical stability in higher-deriv- ative systems is still subject to discussions. In this note, we argue that, contrary to general belief, many higher-derivative systems are classically stable. The main tool to see this prop- erty are Nekhoroshev’s estimates relying on the action-angle formulation of classical mechanics. The latter formulation can be reached provided the Hamiltonian ...
  • Anyons in quantum mechanics with a minimal lengthPeer reviewedOpen access 

    15 février 2017, Buisseret, Fabien, HE Louvain en Hainaut
    Article scientifique
    The existence of anyons, i.e. quantum states with an arbitrary spin, is a generic feature of standard quantum mechanics in (2+1)-dimensional Minkowski spacetime. Here it is shown that relativistic anyons may exist also in quantum theories where a minimal length is present. The interplay between minimal length and arbitrary spin effects are discussed.
  • DYSKIMOT: An Ultra-Low-Cost Inertial Sensor to Assess Head’s Rotational Kinematics in Adults during the Didren-Laser TestPeer reviewedOpen access 

    04 février 2020, Hage, Renaud; Detrembleur, Christine; Dierick, Frédéric; Pitance, Laurent; Jojczyk, Laurent; Estievenart, Wesley; Buisseret, Fabien, CERISIC
    Article scientifique
    Various noninvasive measurement devices can be used to assess cervical motion. The size, complexity, and cost of gold-standard systems make them not suited to clinical practice, and actually difficult to use outside a dedicated laboratory. Nowadays, ultra-low-cost inertial measurement units are available, but without any packaging or a user-friendly interface. The so-called DYSKIMOT is a home-designed, ...