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  • Numerical Modelling of the Heat Source and the Thermal Response of an Additively Manufactured Composite during an Active Thermographic InspectionPeer reviewedOpen access 

    19 décembre 2023, Notebaert, Arnaud; Quinten, Julien; Moonens, Marc; Oldez, Vedi; Barros, Camila; Cunha, Sebastião Simões Jr.; DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Abstract : "This paper deals with the numerical modelling of non-destructive testing of composite parts using active thermography. This method has emerged as a new approach for performing non-destructive testing (NDT) on continuous carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic polymer (CCFRTP) components, particularly in view of detecting porosity or delamination. In this context, our numerical model has ...
  • Ecological, morpho‑agronomical, and bromatological assessment of sorghum ecotypes in Northern MoroccoPeer reviewedOpen access 

    20 septembre 2023, Boukrouh, Soumaya; Noutfia, Ali; Moula, Nassim; Avril, Claire; LOUVIEAUX, Julien; Hornick, Jean-Luc; Cabaraux, Jean-François; Chentouf, Mouad, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    "Sorghum Bicolor is a cereal used for grains as feed and food, mainly cultivated in dry areas. To study the possibilities of increasing its cultivation for feed purposes, ecological, morpho-agronomical, and bromatological characterization of some local ecotypes was conducted as the first steps toward selecting better cultivars. Indeed, twenty-one ecotypes were collected from farms in Northern Morocco ...
  • Ecological, morpho-agronomical, and nutritional characteristics of Sulla flexuosa (L.) Medik. ecotypesPeer reviewedOpen access 

    16 août 2023, Boukrouh, Soumaya; Noutfia, Ali; Moula, Nassim; Avril, Claire; LOUVIEAUX, Julien; Hornick, Jean-Luc; Chentouf, Mouad; Cabaraux, Jean-François, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    "The present work was part of assessing wild genetic plant resources of forage interest in Northern Morocco and aimed to study the agro-morphology and nutritional value of Sulla fexuosa (L.) Medik. (Hedysarum fexuosum L.) ecotypes. The seeds of twenty-one wild S. fexuosa (L.) Medik. ecotypes were collected from 21 sites. The edaphic and climatic characteristics of the collection sites were studied ...
  • Que nous apprend cette 1ère mesure de l’activité biologique des sols ?Closed access 

    22 juin 2023, LOUVIEAUX, Julien, HE CondorcetCARAH
    Publication d'intérêt général/presse
    "Évaluer la fertilité des sols n'est pas trivial. Très souvent, on résume cela à une série de mesures physico-chimiques telles que le pH, la granulométrie (texture), la richesse en éléments nutritifs (P, K, etc.) ou le statut organique (teneur en carbone total). Cette approche a ses avantages car elle se base sur des procédures éprouvées et bien souvent standardisées, relativement rapides et stables ...
  • Intraspecific size shifts in generalist bumblebees and flowers lead to low functional consequencesPeer reviewedOpen access 

    04 septembre 2023, Reverté, Sara; Gérard, Maxence; Bodson, Maxime; Descamps, Charlotte; GOSSELIN, Matthias; Jacquemart, Anne-Laure; LOUVIEAUX, Julien; Smagghe, Guy; Vandamme, Peter; Vereecken, Nicolas J.; Michez, Denis, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Abstract : "Body size is a trait that can affect plant–pollinator interaction efficiency and plant reproductive success. We explored the impact of intraspecific size shifts on the interactions between pollinators and flowering plants under controlled conditions. We considered two development conditions leading to the production of large and small individual flowers of Borago officinalis and Echium ...
  • Additively Manufactured Multifunctional Composite Parts with the Help of Coextrusion Continuous Carbon Fiber: Study of Feasibility to Print Self-Sensing without Doped Raw MaterialPeer reviewedOpen access 

    25 août 2023, DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Ochana, Imi; Levrie, Julien; Coutinho, Isaque; Cunha, Sebastião Simões Jr.; Moonens, Marc, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Abstract ; "Nowadays, the additive manufacturing of multifunctional materials is booming. The fused deposition modeling (FDM) process is widely used thanks to the ease with which multimaterial parts can be printed. The main limitation of this process is the mechanical properties of the parts obtained. New continuous-fiber FDM printers significantly improve mechanical properties. Another limitation ...
  • Pedigree Validation and Reconstruction Applied in the Cultivated Potato Using 35 Microsatellites MarkersPeer reviewedClosed access 

    05 juin 2023, SPANOGHE, Martin; Nirsha, Alexandra; MARIQUE, Thierry; LANTERBECQ, Déborah, HE CondorcetCARAH
    Article scientifique
    Abstract ; "Knowledge of the parental origin of crop species is a prerequisite for formulating efective strategies for genetic conservation, management, and utilisation of genotypes in breeding programmes and genetic studies. In the case of the potato, although pedigree information is well documented, the possible lack of accurate pedigree data for certain cultivars constitutes a loss of opportunity ...
  • Impact of Green Ceramic Hybrid Machining (GCHM) on Reliability and Repeatability of the Properties of Sintered Yttrium-Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal PartsPeer reviewedOpen access 

    20 juin 2023, Ducobu, François; DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard; Spitaels, Laurent; Petit, Fabrice; Preux, Nicolas; Duterte, Charles; Mulliez, Marylou; Lauwers, Bert, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Abstract : "The innovative Green Ceramic Hybrid Machining (GCHM) process sequentially combines milling with a cutting tool (GCM, Green Ceramic Machining) and laser beam machining (GCLBM) of a ceramic material (black Y-TZP in this study) at the green stage mainly to increase productivity, avoid taper angle limitations of laser beam machining, and obtain micro-features. The study focuses on ...
  • Analyzing apparatus 

    14 juin 2022, Quenon, Alexandre; DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Demaret, Benjamin, HE Condorcet
    "The invention relates to an apparatus configured to detect and measure in real time an electrical response from an electrical component exposed to ionizing radiation." Participation d'un chercheur de la HEPH-Condorcet mais le brevet est déposé par l'UMons :
  • Development of a standardized multiplex SSR kit for genotyping both goats and sheepPeer reviewedClosed access 

    03 novembre 2021, SPANOGHE, Martin; Whannou, Habib Rainier Vihotogbe; De Kuijper, Camille; Dossa, Luc Hippolyte; LANTERBECQ, Déborah, HE CondorcetCARAH
    Article scientifique
    "In this technical note, we report the development of a reliable standardized protocol based on the multiplex SSRPCR approach for genotyping the two small ruminant species, goats and sheep. The method is based on PCR conditions optimization allowing 12 informative microsatellites (SSR) markers to be co-amplified in two multiplex sets of 6 SSR markers, followed by a co-migration into one run onto a ...
  • Genetic Diversity Trends in the Cultivated Potato: A Spatiotemporal OverviewPeer reviewedOpen access 

    15 avril 2022, SPANOGHE, Martin; MARIQUE, Thierry; Nirsha, Alexandra; Esnault, Florence; LANTERBECQ, Déborah, HE CondorcetCARAH
    Article scientifique
    Résumé des auteurs : Monitoring the change in genetic diversity over time and space in crop species is essential to facilitating further improvement. As the world’s most important tuber crop for human consumption, and an ideal candidate to help address global food security, the cultivated potato deserves in-depth study in this regard. In this overview, some aspects of spatiotemporal diversity ...
  • Genetic diversity and spatial structure of indigenous sheep population of Benin revealed by microsatellite markersPeer reviewedClosed access 

    12 août 2022, Whannou, Habib Rainier Vihotogbe; SPANOGHE, Martin; Vanvanhossou, Sèyi Fridaïus Ulrich; MARIQUE, Thierry; LANTERBECQ, Déborah; Dossa, Luc Hippolyte, HE CondorcetCARAH
    Article scientifique
    "This study investigated the genetic variability existing within the indigenous sheep population of Benin. Hair samples from 681 unrelated sheep collected across the 10 phytogeographic zones of Benin were genotyped using a set of 12 microsatellite markers" Extrait de l'abstract
  • The CDIO approach in a FabLab activity for engineering education promotionPeer reviewedClosed access 

    2021, Wattiaux, David; Leroy, Cédric; Olivier, Bryan; DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id, HE Condorcet
    Acte de conférence ou de colloque
    Abstract : "The number of FabLabs has been steadily increasing over the last few years. Their main objectives are to sensitize its public on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education through the digital manufacturing chain of an object and to allow the large public to make their own objects. Through, the increasing popularization of these advanced technologies, it becomes more ...
  • Development of a novel benchmark artifact for Additive Manufacturing processesPeer reviewedClosed access 

    10 juin 2021, Spitaels, Laurent; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard; DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Ducobu, François, HE Condorcet
    Acte de conférence ou de colloque
    " This article aims to make a review of the existing benchmark artifacts and to summarize the main requirements chosen by authors. From this state of the art, a new benchmark artifact is proposed by adapting an existing one to fulfil its missing characteristics. Measurements possibilities in terms of dimensions are enumerated and organized using ISO 286 dimensional intervals as presented in the ...
  • Green Ceramic Machining: Influence of the Cutting Speed and the Binder Percentage on the Y-TZP BehaviorPeer reviewedOpen access 

    21 mai 2020, DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Ducobu, François; Preux, Nicolas; Petit, Fabrice; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Abstract : "The demand for inert bioceramics is always increasing in the dental field. Yttrium oxide tetragonal zirconia polycrystals (Y-TZP) are oxide ceramics which are currently used because of their interesting mechanical properties due to a toughening transformation. Industrially speaking, machining of the ceramic before sintering (green body) is very common because it allows a better productivity ...
  • Green Ceramic Machining: Determination of the Recommended Feed Rate for Y-TZP MillingPeer reviewedOpen access 

    01 septembre 2021, DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Mulliez, Marylou; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard; Spitaels, Laurent; Duterte, Charles; Petit, Fabrice; Ducobu, François, HE Condorcet
    Article scientifique
    Abstract : "Manufacturing of advanced ceramic parts exhibiting complex geometries is laborious and expensive. Traditionally, the machining is carried out on a so-called ‘green ceramic’: a compact composed of ceramic powder held with the help of a binder. This difficulty is due not only to the composition of the material, but also to the lack of methods that determine optimal machining parameters. ...
  • Finite element modelling of the Taylor impact test in 3D with the Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian methodPeer reviewedOpen access 

    2021, Ducobu, François; DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Pantalé, Olivier, HE Condorcet
    Acte de conférence ou de colloque
    Contribution to ESAFORM2021. Abstract : "When modelling a cutting operation, the constitutive model of the machined material is one of the key parameters to obtain accurate and realistic results. Up to now, the Johnson-Cook model is still the most used, even if an increasing number of models, such as the Hyperbolic TANgent (TANH) model, were introduced last years to overcome its limitations and ...
  • A new manufacturing chain for ceramic shaping: sequential combination of milling and laser machining in green ceramicPeer reviewedOpen access 

    juin 2020, DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Ducobu, François; Petit, François; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard, HE Condorcet
    Acte de conférence ou de colloque
    Contribution to euspen’s 20th International Conference & Exhibition (Geneva, CH, June 2020) Abstract : "The ceramic microcomponents have very interesting mechanical and thermal properties in an extreme environment such as a high temperature, a corrosive environment, etc. Unfortunately, the principal limitation of ceramic material usage is its shaping because of the brittlness of the material. ...
  • Calibration method of hybrid machining process in the green ceramic combining micro-milling and laser machiningPeer reviewedClosed access 

    2019, DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard; Ducobu, François; Dolimont, Adrien; Petit, Fabrice; Juste, Enrique, HE Condorcet
    Acte de conférence ou de colloque
    Contribution to "euspen’s 19th International Conference & Exhibition, Bilbao, ES, June 2019" Abstract : "The requirements for quality amelioration of engineered products are increasingly stringent, and specially when the miniaturization and difficult-to-machine materials are considered. The development of hybrid machining processes (HMPs) answers this problem. Indeed, HMPs are variants of ...
  • The Hybrid Machining of Ceramic: The choice of production stagePeer reviewedClosed access 

    30 mai 2017, DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard; Ducobu, François; Filippi, Enrico; Preux, Nicolas, HE Condorcet
    Acte de conférence ou de colloque
    Contribution to "Euspen’s 17th International Conference & Exhibition, Hannover, DE, May 2017". Abstract : "The demand for micro products has increased gradually since last decades in various areas, requiring the development of micro manufacturing processes. Micro manufacturing is characterized by the size of functional features (smaller than 10 um), a high precision, a good surface finishing and ...

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