• Adaptive benchmarking design for additive manufacturing processesPeer reviewedClosed access 

      17 mars 2022, Spitaels, Laurent; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard; DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Ducobu, François, HE Condorcet
      Article scientifique
      "Standards enabling the objective tolerancing and evaluation of dimensional and geometrical performances of additive manufacturing (AM) printers are still missing. The design, printing and measurements of geometrical benchmark test artefacts (GBTA) is the current solution proposed in literature. However, the current GBTA with fixed dimensions cannot cover most of the available printing area of ...
    • Additively Manufactured Multifunctional Composite Parts with the Help of Coextrusion Continuous Carbon Fiber: Study of Feasibility to Print Self-Sensing without Doped Raw MaterialPeer reviewedOpen access 

      25 août 2023, DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Ochana, Imi; Levrie, Julien; Coutinho, Isaque; Cunha, Sebastião Simões Jr.; Moonens, Marc, HE Condorcet
      Article scientifique
      Abstract ; "Nowadays, the additive manufacturing of multifunctional materials is booming. The fused deposition modeling (FDM) process is widely used thanks to the ease with which multimaterial parts can be printed. The main limitation of this process is the mechanical properties of the parts obtained. New continuous-fiber FDM printers significantly improve mechanical properties. Another limitation ...
    • Analyzing apparatus 

      14 juin 2022, Quenon, Alexandre; DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Demaret, Benjamin, HE Condorcet
      "The invention relates to an apparatus configured to detect and measure in real time an electrical response from an electrical component exposed to ionizing radiation." Participation d'un chercheur de la HEPH-Condorcet mais le brevet est déposé par l'UMons : https://orbi.umons.ac.be/handle/20.500.12907/45680
    • Aspergillus spp. and Bacillus spp. as Growth Promoters in Cotton Plants Under Greenhouse ConditionsPeer reviewedOpen access 

      13 août 2021, Escobar Diaz, Paola Andrea; Aguirre Gil, Oniel Jeremias; Barbosa, Carlos Henrique; DESOIGNIES, Nicolas; Cid Rigobelo, Everlon, HE Condorcet
      Article scientifique
      "This study aimed to verify the potential of three Aspergillus and Bacillus species as growth promoters in cotton plants under greenhouse conditions. The experiment was conducted with a completely randomized design with seven treatments (six microorganisms plus one control) and five replicates until the flowering stage at 70 days after emergence." Extrait de l'abstract
    • The bacterial world inside the plantPeer reviewedOpen access 

      28 juillet 2022, Santos, Roberta Mendes dos; DESOIGNIES, Nicolas; Rigobelo, Everlon Cid, HE Condorcet
      Article scientifique
      "This review provides an overview of the current research, including the concept of endophytes, endophytes in plant organs, endophyte colonization, nutrient e ciency use, endophytes and crop nutrition, inoculation with synergistic bacteria, the eect of inoculum concentration on plant root microbiota and synthetic communities. It also examines the practical opportunities and challenges when utilizing ...
    • Behaviour of pre-sintered Y-TZP during machining operations: Determination of recommended cutting parametersPeer reviewedClosed access 

      06 février 2018, DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard; Ducobu, François; Filippi, Enrico; Petit, Fabrice; Preux, Nicolas, HE Condorcet
      Article scientifique
      "In this paper,the NF E 66-520-5 standard, dedicated to the determination ofthe optimal cutting parameters suitable for ductile material, is applied to the pre-sintered ceramic Y-TZP. The objective of the standard is to calculate the specific cutting energy of the forces created between the chosen tool and material during machining operation. Specific cutting energy is the energy required to remove ...
    • Binder influence on green ceramic machining by means of milling and laser machiningPeer reviewedOpen access 

      06 septembre 2021, DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Ducobu, François; Preux, Nicolas; Petit, Fabrice; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard, HE Condorcet
      Acte de conférence ou de colloque
      "The micro manufacturing of ceramic components is technologically challenging especially when complex shapes and micro features are required. A hybrid manufacturing chain is developed for non-sintered(green) blanks machined using sequentially a cutting tool and a laser source. During the preparation of the green blank, a binder is added to the powder to improve compaction. The amount of binder can ...
    • Calibration method of hybrid machining process in the green ceramic combining micro-milling and laser machiningPeer reviewedClosed access 

      2019, DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard; Ducobu, François; Dolimont, Adrien; Petit, Fabrice; Juste, Enrique, HE Condorcet
      Acte de conférence ou de colloque
      Contribution to "euspen’s 19th International Conference & Exhibition, Bilbao, ES, June 2019" Abstract : "The requirements for quality amelioration of engineered products are increasingly stringent, and specially when the miniaturization and difficult-to-machine materials are considered. The development of hybrid machining processes (HMPs) answers this problem. Indeed, HMPs are variants of ...
    • The CDIO approach in a FabLab activity for engineering education promotionPeer reviewedClosed access 

      2021, Wattiaux, David; Leroy, Cédric; Olivier, Bryan; DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id, HE Condorcet
      Acte de conférence ou de colloque
      Abstract : "The number of FabLabs has been steadily increasing over the last few years. Their main objectives are to sensitize its public on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education through the digital manufacturing chain of an object and to allow the large public to make their own objects. Through, the increasing popularization of these advanced technologies, it becomes more ...
    • Chemical etching as a finishing process for electron beam melting (EBM) partsPeer reviewedClosed access 

      02 juillet 2019, Dolimont, Adrien; DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Ducobu, François; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard, HE Condorcet
      Acte de conférence ou de colloque
      "The goal of this research is to analyze the impact of chemical etching on parts produced by electron beam melting. Given that the surface conditions are poor (Ra between 25 to 35 µm), an enhancement of these is asked. Dimensional and surface measurements were realized on conceived parts. Different exposure times were tested. The impact of these times on surface quality was evaluated. To help ...
    • Construction of a Novel Chimeric Dextransucrase Fused to the Carbohydrate-Binding Module CBM2aPeer reviewedOpen access 

      28 septembre 2021, Fraga Vidal, Reinaldo; Ribalta, Roberto Carlos Arísticas; Dubreucq, Eric; Moreau, Benoît.; Martínez Valdès, Lisandra Teresa; Lafargue Gámez, Meinardo; Montes Alvarez, Amanda; Rubio Sánchez, Arianne, HE Condorcet
      Article scientifique
      Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) have the potential to produce homoexopolysaccharides (HoPS). Their health benefits and physicochemical properties have been the subject of extensive research. The HoPS functional properties are determined by molecular weight, the type of glycosidic link ages, degrees of branching and chemical composition. The dextransucrases (DSases) produce a kind of HoPS (dextrans), ...
    • Development and application of a quantitative real-time PCR assay for rapid detection of the multifaceted yeast Kazachstania servazzii in food.Peer reviewedClosed access 

      avril 2017, SPANOGHE, Martin; Godoy Jara, Mario; RIVIÈRE, John; LANTERBECQ, Déborah; GADENNE, Martine; MARIQUE, Thierry, CARAH
      Article scientifique
      The beneficial contributions of Kazachstania servazzii are well-established in various food processes. This yeast also contributes in the spoilage of finished packaged food due to abundant gas production. In particular, an occurrence of K. servazzii was recently positively correlated with the formation of severe package swelling of some prepared fresh pizzas. To circumscribe this concern, a quantitative ...
    • Development of a novel benchmark artifact for Additive Manufacturing processesPeer reviewedClosed access 

      10 juin 2021, Spitaels, Laurent; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard; DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Ducobu, François, HE Condorcet
      Acte de conférence ou de colloque
      " This article aims to make a review of the existing benchmark artifacts and to summarize the main requirements chosen by authors. From this state of the art, a new benchmark artifact is proposed by adapting an existing one to fulfil its missing characteristics. Measurements possibilities in terms of dimensions are enumerated and organized using ISO 286 dimensional intervals as presented in the ...
    • Development of a standardized multiplex SSR kit for genotyping both goats and sheepPeer reviewedClosed access 

      03 novembre 2021, SPANOGHE, Martin; Whannou, Habib Rainier Vihotogbe; De Kuijper, Camille; Dossa, Luc Hippolyte; LANTERBECQ, Déborah, HE CondorcetCARAH
      Article scientifique
      "In this technical note, we report the development of a reliable standardized protocol based on the multiplex SSRPCR approach for genotyping the two small ruminant species, goats and sheep. The method is based on PCR conditions optimization allowing 12 informative microsatellites (SSR) markers to be co-amplified in two multiplex sets of 6 SSR markers, followed by a co-migration into one run onto a ...
    • Development of the hybrid sequential machining: laser machining and millingPeer reviewedClosed access 

      2016, DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard; Ducobu, François; Filippi, Enrico; Petit, Fabrice; Preux, Nicolas, HE Condorcet
      Acte de conférence ou de colloque
      "The aims of this paper is to study the advantages and disadvantages of laser micro-machining and the micro-milling. The final goal is to couple these processes in the same structure. The sequential hybrid process is subtractive-subtractive it combines the laser u-machining and the u-milling. The samples are machined with the two processes to compare the dimensional tolerance and the geometrical ...
    • Dimensional and geometrical performance assessment of two FDM printers using a benchmark artifactPeer reviewedClosed access 

      03 juin 2022, Spitaels, Laurent; Rivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard; DEMARBAIX, Anthoninorcid-id; Thielens, Vincent; Ducobu, François, HE Condorcet
      Acte de conférence ou de colloque
      "In this article, dimensional and geometrical performances of two Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) printers with Cartesian architecture (Ultimaker S3 and Intamsys FUNMAT HT) are compared using an original benchmark artifact design. Five parts were printed on each printer in ABS. Five other parts were also produced with the Ultimaker S3 in PLA to show the influence of material choice on the printer’s ...
    • Ecological, morpho-agronomical, and nutritional characteristics of Sulla flexuosa (L.) Medik. ecotypesPeer reviewedOpen access 

      16 août 2023, Boukrouh, Soumaya; Noutfia, Ali; Moula, Nassim; Avril, Claire; LOUVIEAUX, Julien; Hornick, Jean-Luc; Chentouf, Mouad; Cabaraux, Jean-François, HE Condorcet
      Article scientifique
      "The present work was part of assessing wild genetic plant resources of forage interest in Northern Morocco and aimed to study the agro-morphology and nutritional value of Sulla fexuosa (L.) Medik. (Hedysarum fexuosum L.) ecotypes. The seeds of twenty-one wild S. fexuosa (L.) Medik. ecotypes were collected from 21 sites. The edaphic and climatic characteristics of the collection sites were studied ...
    • Ecological, morpho‑agronomical, and bromatological assessment of sorghum ecotypes in Northern MoroccoPeer reviewedOpen access 

      20 septembre 2023, Boukrouh, Soumaya; Noutfia, Ali; Moula, Nassim; Avril, Claire; LOUVIEAUX, Julien; Hornick, Jean-Luc; Cabaraux, Jean-François; Chentouf, Mouad, HE Condorcet
      Article scientifique
      "Sorghum Bicolor is a cereal used for grains as feed and food, mainly cultivated in dry areas. To study the possibilities of increasing its cultivation for feed purposes, ecological, morpho-agronomical, and bromatological characterization of some local ecotypes was conducted as the first steps toward selecting better cultivars. Indeed, twenty-one ecotypes were collected from farms in Northern Morocco ...
    • Editorial: Microbial services for sustainable agriculturePeer reviewedOpen access 

      05 septembre 2022, Rigobelo, Everlon Cid; Zied, Diego Cunha; DESOIGNIES, Nicolas, HE Condorcet
      Article scientifique
      Editorial on the Research Topic : Microbial services for sustainable agriculture
    • Effect of the application of vermicompost and millicompost humic acids about the soybean microbiome under water restriction conditionsPeer reviewedOpen access 

      04 novembre 2022, da Silva, Maura Santos Reis de Andrade; de Carvalho, Lucas Amoroso Lopes; Braos, Lucas Boscov; de Sousa Antunes, Luiz Fernando; da Silva, Cleudison Gabriel Nascimento; Pinheiro, Daniel Guariz; Correia, Maria Elizabeth Fernandes; Araújo, Ednaldo da Silva; Colnago, Luiz Alberto; DESOIGNIES, Nicolas; Zonta, Everaldo; Rigobelo, Everlon Cid; da Silva, Camilla Santos Reis de Andrade, HE Condorcet
      Article scientifique
      "This study aimed to evaluate the responses of soybean plants to the application of vermicompost HA (HA-V) and millicompost (HA-M) along with Bradyrhizobium sp. under water restriction. The experiment was carried out in a greenhouse, and the treatments received Bradyrhizobium sp. inoculation with or without the application of HA from vermicompost and millicompost with or without water restriction. ...